Nick Cannon Stuffs Kevin Hart Into A Teeny Weeny 'Wild 'N Out' Dressing Room [Bonus Scene]


If there's anyone who knows what it's like to miss out on carnival rides due to a diminutive stature, it's Kevin Hart, and he will pretty much cut a bitch if they dare rub it in. The tiny comic is often unjustly ridiculed for his size, and in this bonus scene from last night's "Wild 'N Out" season premiere, Nick Cannon learns that, although Kevin may be small, that chip on his shoulder is quite massive.

"You can kiss my ass," Kevin yells at Nick, who gave him a dressing room fit for a garden gnome. "What you sayin'? We like to take care of our guests on the show," Nick responds. In Nick's defense, if you were to scale the average celebrity trailer to Kevin Hart proportions, it wouldn't be that much bigger than the "Wild 'N Out" closet he's been crammed into. However, misspelling his name and providing him with a TV from 1987 are both completely unacceptable. Where are your manners, Nick?

At the very least, the s**tty space situation probably gave Kevin lots of ammo for the "WNO" stage. Silver linings?

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