Nev Schulman's Signature Chest Hair Leaves Jay Leno Spellbound [Video]


Behold the wonder of Nev Schulman's chest hair.

Nev Schulman is an expert on many things: catching "Catfish," hopping on Instagram trends such as baby mugging and Throwback Thursday and, of course, keeping his incredible mop of chest hair finely manicured. The latter is a subject with which we here at MTV are very familiar, so it's easy to forget that spotting his furry torso for the first time isn't so different from staring at the Ark of the Covenant, and last night on "The Tonight Show," both Jay Leno and Dane Cook were shocked by the natural rug.

"My chest hair is something that I get a lot of support and critique about," Nev tells Jay in the clip below, after he notices the veteran talk show host marveling at a behind-the-scenes, shirtless "Catfish" photo. Jay likens Nev to Ed Asner (though we think he's a total Baldwin), but Dane Cook is worried the online sleuth may have kidnapped a boy bander to create his famous pec tresses. "Is that one of the members of One Direction strapped to your chest?" he asks, before feeling around inside Nev's top for a lost and afraid Harry Styles. Sorry to disappoint you, Dane, but that sweater vest is 100 percent, Grade-A Schulman.

Check out the interview for more, including the embarrassing story behind Nev's broken foot!

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Photo: @jdestarsio on Instagram