Check Out The Most Clever Fan Captions For Jon Gabrus And Chris Distefano's Double Crotch Grab


"Ain't That America" premieres tonight on MTV2, and we'll finally get to see the fruits of Lil Duval's labor. Now that Independence Day is over, he and his crew of comedians have free reign to poke fun at all the stupid s**t we do here in the good ol' U. S. of A. However, ribbing is a two-way street, and MTV2's given the people a voice via social media for a chance to fire back at the show's guests and their own embarrassing antics. If you dish it, you gotta take it!

In the snapshot above from tonight's episode, "Guy Code"'s Chris Distefano and Jon Gabrus ignore the always lovely  Alesha Renee of "Girl Code" to reach for each other's balls. Yep, pretty sure that's a "Code" breaker, gentlemen! And though we won't find out exactly what's going on until "ATA" airs tonight at 11:30p/10:30c, Remote Control's rounded up some of your best Twitter and Facebook captions for this too-close-for-comfort candid.

+ Check out the clever submissions, and if you think you can one-up these jokesters, leave your own in the comments!


"So who's gonna touch me?! Lol" -- @AleshaRenee

"Cock blocking...literally." -- @SmoothLikeJAS

"You have something on your pants bro. Let me get that for ya." -- @blakewasham


"Just reaching for some nuts." -- Patrick S.

"Double dribble." -- Jennie V.

"We better get paid for this." -- Carrieanna B.

"Here! I will protect your virginity!" -- Courtney S.

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