Trishelle STILL Worries That 'Rival' Sarah Could Pull A Fast One On Her [Video]

Sarah (SR) & Trishelle (TC)

For all the bad blood that separates the "Rivals II" cast, most players have agreed to put aside their differences for the sake of the game. But not so, it seems, for Trishelle, who -- though paired with the easy-going Sarah -- is still convinced her one-and-only teammate could somehow screw her over before the final mission. That "Battle Of The Seasons" paranoia has really done a number on the "Vegas" girl, eh?

In the pre-season interview below, Trishelle says that ever since she suspected Sarah of trying to manipulate (and thereby dismantle) her "BOTS" team, she's been wary of her. "There was a cut there and it was a little bit mended, and then who knows if it's gonna open again," she explains, adding that the potential of the two of them arguing over voting could be a huge problem, too. However, Sarah's only concern is that beyond long-distance running, Trishelle's physical strengths are few and far between. "Before, she had some really big guys helping her out," Sarah says. "And now, it's just me."

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Photo: Cedric Arnold