Sex Ed With Nicole Byer: How Many Gallons Of...Stuff...Can One Condom Hold? [Video]


Real talk: Aren't condoms the best? They make for great health-class gags in movies like "Juno"; they prevent STDs and pregnancy (especially important if you're knee-deep in a summer fling at the moment); and, should you find yourself in a water fight, they're the perfect substitution when you run out of balloons. Bombs away!

Our new sexpert, Nicole Byer of "Girl Code," lets us in on a verrrry interesting fact about condom strength in today's Sex Ed video, and it will forever change the way you view that tiny foil packet sitting in your nightstand. You see, one day, a group of curious (i.e. stoned) college students decided to test how much liquid a wide variety of condoms could hold. The big winner? A Magnum XL that handled a whopping 7 GALLONS of water, before bursting under pressure. It's safe to say you'll never meet a human being in search of so much storage space for his spunk, but at least your pet elephant will never be in need.

Check out the clip:

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Photo: Kristen Maldonado