Andrew Jenks Tests Out His Acting Chops In New Romantic Web Series [Trailer]


Filmmakers like Andrew Jenks are most at home behind the camera, but MTV's resident documentarian is about to see if he has what it takes to stand in the spotlight, too. After following ChadKaylin and D-Real for Season 2 of "World Of Jenks," Andrew is releasing a project that took him almost an entire decade to complete, and you might be surprised to hear that the new web series -- in which he stars -- is story?

"It's About A Girl" follows a young New York City man who's determined to break out of his shy shell and ask out the girl of his dreams, Jenks tells New York Magazine. "You're just hoping that reality can catch up to the fantasy world -- or at least that he has the guts to say hi to her." Jenks adds that the protagonist is very much a "relationship guy," struggling to find romance in the fast-paced concrete jungle, and that he can definitely identify with his character's quest for the perfect mate. "I'd love to be with someone smart and funny -- because I'm not," he says.

Check out the very Woody Allen-like trailer below, and keep up with Jenks' YouTube channel every Tuesday for new episodes of "It's About A Girl."

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