The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Gets A Head Start On Tonight's Premiere By Ragging On Guest Star Kevin Hart [Video]


Kevin Hart at the screening for his stand-up comedy documentary, "Let Me Explain."

Cue the celebratory trumpets, because tonight, after six long years, "Wild 'N Out" finally returns to MTV2! Former cast member and reigning king of comedy Kevin Hart is taking the stage on the season premiere as the opposing team's captain, and he will certainly use his Hollywood powers to totally school Nick Cannon's band of new kids. However, the "WNO" cast isn't intimidated by his success, and they didn't hold back when we asked them to throw a little (and we do mean little) shade Kevin's way. Hand us a wooden spoon, y'all -- we're stirring the pot.

In the interview clip below, the newbies go straight for the slam dunk -- Kevin's vertically challenged ways. "We need to get him some wedges or something to get his height up," DoBoy starts out. Chico Bean, who's no giant himself, says that even he's got a few inches on Hart, which automatically makes him superior. "I'm little, but I'm still bigger than you," he jokes. Let this be a warning, people: Nothing is off limits on this season of "Wild 'N Out."

Be sure to catch the premiere, tonight at 11p/10c, to see how Kevin retaliates! We're kinda hoping he just walks out on stilts made of cold, hard cash.

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Photo: Getty Images