'Teen Wolf' Snackables: Here's A Skull Trying To Rip Through Ethan's Torso [GIF]

If you've mastered the art of shielding your eyes through gruesome movie or TV scenes, you are hereby out of luck. The Internet's GIF phenomenon means there's no more squinting until it's over -- because it never is! -- and each week, we'll put the most dry heave-inducing "Teen Wolf" moments on loop, just in time for lunch. So grab hold of that bib and enjoy our latest "Teen Wolf" Snackable!


Ohhh, did you bring a nice, crisp lettuce wrap for lunch? Is that a Granny Smith set for an afternoon snack we see? Cool! Here's hoping it all goes down easy while you watch a skull trying to rip through Alpha Ethan's torso. We're pretty much just a candle short of High Tea at The Plaza, no?

On last night's "Teen Wolf," our reliable Beacon Hills detectives -- also known as Lydia and Stiles -- determined that The Druid they believed had been behind the town's three-for-one murders was striking again, and this time, he, she or it was after werewolves. The killer had poisoned ScottBoyd and Ethan with wolfsbane without any of them knowing, and Ethan's reaction amounted to hallucinations of different shapes trying to break out of his six-pack. Just while things were getting hot and heavy with Danny! What a supernatural c***-block.

Hope you enjoy the latest Snackable! Dessert will be served shortly, and remember: Tipping is not a city in China!

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