If Stiles' Druid Theory Is True, Which 'Teen Wolf' Character Fits The Three-For-One Killer Bill?


It's all about threes on "Teen Wolf"'s third season, and tonight, freelance detectives (and dream couple) Stiles and Lydia deduced that The Druid, a figure they think is behind the recent patterned Beacon Hills killings, was after werewolves for his or her latest group sacrifice. Thankfully, the duo was able to intervene before the possessed Scott, Ethan and Boyd offed themselves, but whoever -- or whatever -- is behind the violence is still at large. Where can we place the blame?

As soon as a bus full of diverted high school athletes (and Allison and Lydia) pulled up to a rundown motel for the night, Lydia knew something was amiss. As usual, her intuition was spot-on, and in a matter of hours, her friends -- whon she later realized had been unknowingly poisoned by airborne wolfsbane -- tried to kill themselves and continue the resort's eerie trend of in-house suicides. Ultimately, everyone lived to fight another day, but there's sure to be another strike. Virgins, soldiers -- who's next?

+ Could Stiles' short list be right? Is the vet, Cora, Derek or even Lydia herself responsible for the killings? Could it be the TOTALLY NOT DEAD (!!!) Gerard, or maybe someone completely new? Share your theories with us!

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