CT Sees His Partnership With Longtime 'Rival' Wes As A Chance To Finally Rough Him Up [Video]


If you ever cross "Challenge" vet CT in a dark alley, please let Adam (dozens of stitches) and Davis (black eye) remind you that it'd be a terrible, terrible idea to stick around. The Boston brute is no stranger to a fight, and Wes, with whom he's been at odds for about a decade, knows this full well. The two haven't come to blows yet, but CT insists in the pre-season interview below that there's no time like "Rivals II" to start the scuffle of the century.

"If I do punch a hole in his chest, [at least] he's not gonna try to send me home, because if I go home, he goes home," CT says in a moment of twisted logic (that actually kinda makes sense). He explains that Wes is a "good athlete...just so g**damn annoying," and his partner's habit of over-playing the game's politics could come back to bite them in the ass. Wes, on the other hand, is confident in the duo's physical ability, but says that final missions are their Achilles' heel (they're a combined one-for-SIXTEEN in wins-for-overall tries). Don't worry, though: He's got a plan.

"I've ran out of gas in the finals...but I know why: I didn't drink enough water; I got sick," Wes says. "If I drink more water next time, I'll once again probably be able to win." Oh, that explains it...

+ Is it as simple as 1,2,3 for Wes-T? Tell us in the comments, and hang tight for the "Rivals II" premiere on Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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Photo: Cedric Arnold