What If Derek Hale Had Never Existed? *shudder*


Phew! Derek isn't dead...not yet, at least. Though a guilt-ridden Scott McCall was convinced his buddy had passed on to the Werewolf Heavens, the final minute of last week's "Teen Wolf" episode revealed the shredded-up Alpha aimlessly wandering around the Beacon Hills High School parking lot, leaving bloody hand prints all over Ms. Blake's car.

Thanks to a few baffling flashbacks, we learned that Derek & Co. attempted to take out Deucalion and his Alphas, which resulted in some badly beaten Betas and one seemingly dead Derek, and this got our "Teen Wolf" wheels turning: What if Derek Hale had never existed? What would life in Beacon Hills be like? Let us take a trip down Imaginary Lane...

Scott might have killed Allison.

Way back during Season 1, Scott was just getting adjusted to his wolfy ways after getting The Bite. Unable to control his anger and superhuman strength, Scott went to attack Allison and Jackson mid-smooch -- just before Derek put him in check. We shudder to think what would've happened had Derek not been around.


Allison would have more family around.

If Derek was never born, he would have never dated Kate Argent (RIP), who might not have then burned the Hale house down. Peter Hale wouldn't have been so pissed, and Aunt Kate would have lived and Derek never would have had to bite the hell out of Allison's crazypants mom. Are you following? We call this the Derek Domino Effect (aka DDE).


The Stiles-Derek bromance would cease to exist. The hate-love-hate relationship between these two is unparalleled. Whether bantering in a Kanima-induced state of paraplegia or working together to tame the Beacon Hills bad guys, Sterek's love runs deep, even if only of the platonic variety. Beacon Hills would be a much sadder place without Sterek action every once in a while.

Peter would still be the No. 1 Alpha in Beacon Hills.

Again, the DDE would never have occurred, and Peter would still be doing what the skeevy Alpha does best: wreaking havoc on the good people of Beacon Hills. The only plus side to this is the fact that Lydia would never have gotten infected and her hallucinogenic freakouts would have been reduced to a minimum.


There would be one less shirtless werewolf in town. UGH. Don't make us imagine "Teen Wolf" without Derek and all his drool-worthy hotness. We may have lost our will to live just thinking about it.

+ Will Derek pull through? Will we get to see more of him naked from the waist up? WE SURE HOPE SO! Find out what happens during an all-new episode of "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10/9c.

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