This One's For You, Stydia Fans! Check Out Stiles And Lydia's Most Adorable 'Teen Wolf' Moments [Video]


By Natalie Goode-Henry

To say that Stiles carries an Olympic-sized torch for Lydia is a bit of an understatement. The resident "Teen Wolf" jokester hasn't exactly been shy about his unrequited love for the scream-fiend in the past, despite Lydia shutting him down time and again. But ever since Holland Roden let it slip that we're in for a "really big" Stydia episode, we can't stop thinking that maybe -- COULD IT BE? -- Stiles will finally breach the friend zone with his longtime crush.

In anticipation of what's in store for Stydia, we're taking a fond look back on all of the will-they-or-won't-they couple's most adorable moments -- the ones that made us inch a little closer to our TV screens, praying for the slightest lip graze. From missed signals to stolen glances, check 'em out!

Stiles Makes His First Move

Despite Allison having to force Lydia into going to the school dance with Stiles, Lyd couldn't help but swoon when her jittery date gathered up the courage to profess his love for her. His speech even managed to get Lydia up off her "cute little ass" to dance with him. However, the union was short-lived, and soon after her charity waltz, she went right back to pining over Jackson.

Drugged-Up Lydia Gets Handsy

After Lydia's episode with Jackson at the video store, Stiles made sure to check up on his crush who stayed home from school to decompress from the trauma. Pumped full of happy pills, Lydia got quite touchy-feely with her friend. Unfortunately for Stiles, Lydia was far too hopped up on prescription medication to even know what she was doing, or to whom.

Lydia Completely Misses Stiles' Signals

When Stiles orchestrated a private ice skating double date with Allison and Scott, he thought he'd finally figured out how to win Lydia over. However, even before Peter Hale's face showed up in the ice and triggered one of Lyd's signature freakouts, Lydia was far too concerned with Allison and Scott's unlikely relationship to consider her own love life.

Lydia Lets Her Guard Down

After Jackson's transformation, a distraught Lydia sought comfort in Stiles, only to find that he went out of his way to make her birthday special. She was surprised and touched by the gesture, but before the two were able to dive further into their feelings, their conversation was cut short by an ominous text -- of course.

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