Sex Ed With Nicole Byer: Fat Guys Last Longer In Bed [Video]


When it comes to the "Girl Code" on getting busy, everyone's got their own opinions, theories and preferences, but Nicole Byer has a certain je ne sais quoi when she's discussing the deed. Whether she's opening up about one of the multiple men named Elvis she's bagged or recounting that one time she smushed a cabbie -- in his cab -- Nicole's matter-of-fact delivery makes the awkwardness of sex talk a little bit easier to swallow. (Feel free to read that paragraph again to fully enjoy the gratuitous double entendres.)

So, every day this week, Nicole will be bringing you a completely random piece of information that, ideally, you can use at a party to impress your friends or let guide your next sexcapade*. In today's video, the comedienne reads off a tidbit from a Turkish study that claims skinny dudes are nothing more than one-pump chumps. Luckily, this doesn't affect her love life at all -- Nicole's a diehard chubby chaser!

*Don't actually let it guide your next romp in the sack.

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Photo: Kristen Maldonado