Happy Monday! Here's Snooki's Little Guy On A Boogie Board [Photo]


Hang Ten, 'Enzo!

Is there anything Lorenzo LaValle can't do? Snooki and Jionni's smiley little one hasn't even had his first birthday, but he's already a Master Yogi, patriot and skilled photobomber. And 'Enzo's latest talent might be the most impressive yet, as the water baby is now showing off his surfing skills! Cue The Beach Boys, and let the adorable image above ease you into the first Monday back from a long holiday weekend.

Proud papa Jionni captured Lorenzo riding a wave on his board (OK...gliding along the calm water with help from mom Snooki, is more likely) on Instagram, writing, "He lives to board!! #surfer #beachboy." And who knows? Maybe he'll star in a "Jersey Shore" remake in 2033 as the cute surfer dude stealing the hearts of every girl in Seaside. Sure, the old cast preferred fist pumping and day drinking to water sports, but a new generation of guidos could just as easily bring the West Coast staple to the Eastern seaboard. Radical!

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Photos: Jionni's Instagram

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