Derek Hopes 'Rival' Robb Can Be A Better Teammate To Him Than Boyfriend To Marie [Video]


Both Robb and Derek seem to have moved past their big "Battle of the Seasons" blowup -- one that involved Hulk-like shirt-ripping and sending poor Sam sailing right into a potted plant (courtesy of Marie) -- but whatever semblance of a friendship they originally formed is non-existent now. In their "Rivals II" pre-season interview below, which was filmed in Thailand right after the guys found out they'd be paired together, they remain calm yet wary of the "Challenge" to come.

Derek is the more skeptical of the two, explaining that Robb's inability to express his feelings may get in the way of their success. Citing "BOTS" couple Robb and Marie's sucky communication as an example, he says that his partner has much work to do in the communication department. Robb, on the other hand, is decidedly more optimistic, praising Derek's staying power despite his small size. "He can endure and run, probably longer than anyone else here," he comments. We don't want to speak too soon, but Robb and Derek might be the first almost-amicable "Rivals II" duo on our hands! Let's just hope they can keep it up.

+ Check out the clip, and weigh in on how Robek will fare against the rest of the guys!

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Photo: Cedric Anthony