'Girls Night In' Checklist: How To Send Off Season 1 Like A True 'Code'-Master

Sleepover Activities - Girl Code

When you're a kid, a typical "Girls Night In" consists of watching Disney flicks, bingeing on any and all Hostess products and, for the really daring gals, trying to conjure Bloody Mary. But once you cross the 21+ threshold and become a semi-adult, the "GNI" agenda changes up a bit. Sure, the "Little Mermaid" and Twinkies are still part of the plan, but, at this point in life, Bloody Mary is the first to show up at the door. In fact, she and her celery stick companion are the life of the party!

This Sunday, beginning at 9/8c, we're inviting you to wrap up Season 1 of "Girl Code" with a two-hour "Girls Night In" finale event featuring new episodes of the show, and in case you're rusty on how to make it the most perfect, estrogen-infused night, we've put together a "Code"-approved checklist. Take a look!

“Your friend is a reflection of you. So, if she looks stupid with makeup on, guess what?

Everyone’s going to think you're stupid, too.” – Nessa

How 'Bout Some Boozy Makeovers?

On most nights, you'd want to take Nessa's makeup advice to heart, but during a "Girls Night In," we can guarantee that not a single one of your friends will give a toot if you go a little overboard while trying to perfect a smoky eye. And if you really want to have a little fun with the face paint, give the girl who finished off the wine an outrageous Ke$ha-style makeover...and then send her back to the package store for some more Zinfandel. Don't forget the gold tooth!

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

It should go without saying that a successful "GNI" is one that involves much talk of penis size, hating on your boyfriend's ex and then stalking your own ex's Facebook page. No subject is off limits. A word of warning, though: Remember that what happens at "Girls Night In" doesn't always stay at a "Girls Night In." The next time you're out with your man, don't be surprised if all your friends are snickering as they recall your impersonation of his orgasm-face.

"You just eat whatever you want and your friends are eating whatever they want, and

you could all just be the disgusting pigs that you are." – Carly Aquilino

Eat Everything In Sight

Calorie counting has no place at a "GNI." Do NOT be that girl who says "Oh, just one bite" and then whines all night that she over-indulged. Say no to nutrition and yes to high fructose corn syrup! You can eat salad tomorrow.

"If you're gonna dance, do it with conviction. Go out there and be the baddest

bitch on the dance floor. I don't care if you suck.” – Jessimae Peluso

Drop It Like It’s Hot

All-girl dance parties are a must. Put on your favorite songs (as far as "GNI"'s go, we're partial to any and all things Robyn) and practice your best Miley Cyrus twerk. You might all look like hot messes at first, but "Girls' Night In" is a no-judgment zone.

Watch "Girl Code," Obviously

Get even more tips from the "Code"-masters themselves when you watch the season finale of "Girl Code" this Sunday night, and thank the "Girl Code" gods for bestowing a Season 2 upon us. Now, go forth and be girly!

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