Snooki's Son Is Following In Her Workout-Fiend Footsteps! Check Out The Lil' Yogi In Action [Photo]


Car seat yoga is the new hot yoga.

Lorenzo LaValle only recently discovered his little legsies, but the baby guido is already putting his affinity for stretching them to good use. Earlier this week, Snooki shared this precious snapshot of her limber child on Facebook, writing, "My baby is already doing yoga! LOL!" All of his mom's intense workout routines must be rubbing off!

From what we can gather, Master Yogi Lorenzo is demonstrating the "Foot In Mouth" pose, one that is believed to cleanse your soul of any and all regretful comments and actions you may have made in past lives. A pose, we're sure, that many of the "Jersey Shore" housemates could have benefited from during their tenure in Seaside...if GTL had included a Y.

Between picking up photobombing like it ain't no thing and getting zen with car seat yoga, 'Enzo's turning out to be quite the prodigy. Snooks, it might be time to buy a chess set!

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Photo: Snooki's Instagram