'Wild 'N Out' Throwback Thursday: Mikey Day Recalls Katt Williams' Generous Denim Stipend [Video]


"Ayooo, Niiickkkk!" We can still hear Mikey Day's memorable "Wild 'N Out" catchphrase that signaled his incoming burns at the show's host. His funny one-liners and shocking stunts also made him an integral part of the old improv crew, so we're psyched Mikey's back for the new season! And though he's made big moves since getting his start on "WNO" (even landing his own NBC sitcom!), he'll never forget the kindness certain cast members showed him when he was a lowly, strapped-for-cash comic during Season 1.

"I was really, really poor at the time," Mikey says in the interview clip below. Apparently, Mikey's dire straits were so obvious that more established cast members took notice -- namely, Katt Williams. "Mikey, here is $100. Please get yourself a new pair of jeans," he says Williams, who's always impeccably dressed, told him. At first, Mikey was hesitant to take the handout from Katt, but after being reminded that the star wasn't exactly hurting for money, he gratefully accepted the gesture. Maybe now that Mikey's a big deal he can return the favor!

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