Nicole Byer's R-Rated 'Would You Rather' Answers Will Complete Your Life [Video]


If given the opportunity to spend an afternoon chatting with Nicole Byer of "Girl Code," most people would probably use the time to pick her brain about how to make it in comedy or the best techniques for bitch-slapping a mean girl. However, we like to think outside of the box here at Remote Control, so we decided to play a raunchy game of "Would You Rather" with her instead. Priorities, people!

In the video below, Nicole weighs her options across a bevy of bizarre hypothetical situations (compliments of our own demented minds), doing her best to choose the lesser of two evils. For example, if faced with having to fight Mike Tyson or speak like him, Nicole errs on the side of caution for her future as a talking head: "F**k sounding like Mike Tyson. He sounds like a little gremlin!" she says. (For the record, we'd take a perpetual lisp over getting our ears bitten off any day of the week, but we also do not have access to Nicole's epic collection of lobe-protecting wigs.)

Check out the rest of Nicole's answers, including which extremities she'd rather replace with penises. Yep.

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Photo: Kristen Maldonado