City Boys Max And Nev Take A 'Catfish' Detour To (Unsuccessfully) Climb Some Rocks [Bonus Scene]


Long before the name Framel ever became part of war veteran Anthony's lexicon, Anthony was still hopeful -- in spite of his better judgment -- that his online love, Marq, was the real deal. His best friends, on the other hand, weren't so convinced that Marq was the gentleman Anthony claimed he was, and in the "Catfishbonus scene below, Keith and Cory (who met on MySpace, themselves) share their thoughts on the virtual romance, but not before getting in a good rock-climbing session with Nev and Max. On belay!

"When you have somebody and you feel like they completely understand you, you don't want to let go," Keith tells the Internet investigators after their completely amateur attempts to scrape the skies (it's all in the legs, guys!). Still, Keith says he can't throw all of his support behind the relationship after Anthony -- who traveled for hours to meet his boyfriend -- was stood up on Thanksgiving. But even if things fall apart, Cory will be there for his friend no matter what. "I've got his back either way," he says. If only these guys could lend the same support to our uncoordinated "Catfish" co-stars!

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