Uncle Duval Wants YOU To Watch 'Red, Wild 'N Blue' This Weekend [Video]


Uncle Sam is old news. Make way for Uncle Duval!

When MTV2 gives you a show called "Ain't That America," you damn well better be prepared to express your love for the U.S. of A, especially when July 4th rolls around. But even the proudest of patriots have never looked the part so much as the series' host, Lil Duval -- or should we say Uncle Duval? -- whom we took the liberty (heh, liberty) of photo-shopping into a modern-day Uncle Sam. Now he's all ready to co-host this weekend's "Red, Wild 'N Blue Weekend" special alongside Nick Cannon! Well, as soon as he finishes his "Summer News" report in the video below, for which the "Guy Code" talking head arrives late due to an emergency sunnies situation. Hey, we get it, D -- there's no shame in wanting to look fresh to death for the cameras. After all, how long do you think it took Sam to settle on his iconic outfit?

Check out the clip, and watch MTV2's "Red, Wild 'N Blue" all holiday weekend long!

Photos: Dave Kotinsky/Ben Sklar/Getty Images