'Catfish' Poll: Would You Have Bothered To Meet Framel In Person?


Plenty of people featured on "Catfish" have been suspicious of their virtual significant others, but on tonight's episode, a man got verifiable proof that he'd been duped before even meeting his deceiver in the flesh. Now that was a first!

War veteran Anthony was warier than most about the possibility that his Internet boyfriend, Marq, had been lying to him, and with the help of Nev and Max, his concerns were confirmed in just a couple of days. Though the case was closed then and there, Anthony decided to meet with Framel, the personality behind "Marq," anyway. We have to ask: Would you have even bothered?

Thanks to Joshua, a model and party promoter who told Nev and Max via video chat that his photos were being used as "Marq" but he didn't know Anthony at all, the potential for a happy ending was put to bed. Still, Anthony decided he needed closure with Framel, and once he got to Mississippi, we found out why: He had a lot of anger to vent. A lot.

Ultimately, Anthony said he was better off having had the chance to hash it out with Framel, but do you think their confrontation was necessary? Take our poll, then check out the follow-up interview below for some final words from Anthony and Framel!

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