Caught On GIF! Anthony's Reaction To Being 'Catfish'ed Begins With Tears, Ends With An Eye Roll


Despite having an inkling, Anthony was genuinely hurt after learning he'd been "Catfish"ed. So many feels!

Anthony's ability to remain blissfully ignorant about the red flags around his and Marq's online relationship -- from faulty web connections to Anthony being stood up by Marq at a restaurant in Mississippi, where he had FLOWN to meet him -- came screeching to a halt even before he had a chance to see his "Catfish" face to face. When Nev and Max located Joshua, the man who Framel used photos of to create Marq, they had him record a video for Anthony that explained he'd been deceived, and needless to say, that video broke sweet Anthony's blessed heart.

The tears that proceeded to stream down his face contained a mix of sadness, defeat and, at first, acceptance. But Anthony's quiet hurt quickly switched to not-so-quiet anger, and by the time he actually met the man who had tricked him in person, he could barely look him in the eye. You could cut the tension with a knife...but we opted to cut it with GIF software:


Caught in his web of lies, Framel still seemed to be telling the truth about his feelings for Anthony.


Anthony returned the sentiment with an eye roll.


That right there's the look of guilt, folks.

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