Preston Likens 'Rival' Knight To A Gallstone; Knight Would Rather Compete With A Paraplegic [Video]

Preston (PC) & Knight (RK)

Preston and Knight might not be the strongest team on the "Rivals II" roster, but what they lack in prowess they certainly make up for in honesty -- after all, they're the first to admit their chances suck. The former "NOLA" housemates have been existing comfortably as oil and water for a few years now, but they'll be forced to try and make something of their repellent personalities once the next "Challenge" kicks off on Tuesday, July 9. This should be a real hoot...

In the pre-season interview below, Knight and Preston collectively generate a list of reasons why they make the absolute worst teammates in "Challenge" history, and it's quite convincing.

"I feel the same way about Knight that I do about passing a gallstone," Preston says. And if you think Knight may have toned it down since "Battle of the Seasons" and that he isn't going to verbally rip his fellow competitors to shreds as part of his game strategy...well, you're very, very wrong. "Half the battle of 'The Challenge' is being there mentally, so for me, it's entertainment," he explains. "I get someone fired up and I'm gonna keep going with it."

Fortunately, Preston and Knight are on the same page about one thing: the disaster to come. "We're screwed," Knight says. "We are so screwed." So at least they have that going for them...

+ Check out the clip and tell us if you agree that Knighston will be a sinking ship.

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Photo: Cedric Arnold