Uncle Nino's Twitter Is A Minefield Of F-Bombs And Inappropriateness


Ladies and gentleman, we present the world's first guido farmer!

If you think Uncle Nino's antics on "The Show with Vinny" are offensive, you clearly haven't found him on social media yet. Remember, folks, the Nino that you're seeing on MTV is an edited version, but if you're brave enough to venture deeper into the unfiltered mind of the sly man with the cane, you need not look further than the dark, twisted abyss that is his Twitter account.

Picture with us, for a moment: a shirtless, freshly spray-tanned Nino, holding up traffic at an intersection as he taps away at his iPhone, dispensing various TMI, dirty jokes and curse words to his over 50,000 followers. He's grinning like the Cheshire Cat and silently congratulating himself for masterfully equating the opposite sex with bacon. And he did it all in less than 140 characters.

When we have a particularly stressful day here at Remote Control, it helps to take a sec to envision Nino crafting his next tweet. Take a look at some of the Staten Island O.G.'s best (worst?) Twitter commentary, and give the guy a follow...if you dare.







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Photo: @RealUncleNino