Just In Time For Lunch, Here's A GIF Of Ennis' Head Exploding On 'Teen Wolf.' Bon Appetit!


Got a PB&J in your locker that you're ready to sink your teeth into? Some sushi in the office pantry that's calling your name? Well, let your belly rumble for just another second because, man, do we have the perfect appetizer: Ennis' gooey brains making a mess of Beacon Hills' most trusted veterinary office!

On last night's "Teen Wolfepisode, the operating table that generally helps see domesticated bunnies and kittens back to health was used for an impromptu, skull-crushing execution of the Alpha Pack's juggernaut (such a joker, that Deucalion!), and we felt the moment special enough to immortalize as a GIF. We're that thoughtful. So, if you feel like testing your gag reflex before your midday bite, you can now watch the quick 'n' dirty kill on an endless loop!

Think Freddy Krueger's massacres were bad? Leatherface left you fearful of woodsmen equipment? You ain't seen nothing until you've watched a grown man's temples invert. Bon appetit!

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