IRL Giant Brian Patrick Wade Rises From The 'Teen Wolf' Ashes To Play Thumb War [Video]


Go-to Alpha Pack punisher Ennis could make a steel-enforced brick wall look like a piece of wet paper, but even he was no match for Deucalion on last night's "Teen Wolf" and was murdered (in a really disgusting, brain-smushing way, we might add) by his own leader. Though the actor behind Ennis, Brian Patrick Wade, is equally as hulking as Beacon Hills' latest casualty, he's by no means as menacing, and in the latest episode of "The FANtastic Show," he happily explains what it's like to be a real-life giant.

"The weather's different.... It's a little cooler," he tells show host Tyler Oakley, who, at 5-foot-5 "on a tall day," looks like a "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" extra by comparison. And though Brian is nothing but pleasant to Tyler and superfan Shantal Rhodes, he's still seething over Deucalion's betrayal. When Shantal asks why he thinks Duke turned on his character, Brian gives a very simple answer: "Because he's a rotten scoundrel, is why!" See? Giants have feelings, too.

Check out the interview, which also includes a three-way, blindfolded thumb war, because...why wouldn't it?

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