'Teen Wolf' Poll: Should Allison And Scott Get Back Together?


Try as you might, there are some people you simply can't leave behind, and on tonight's "Teen Wolf," Allison -- who we thought had sworn off Scott for good -- ended up saving his life (twice), and seemed rejuvenated by her former flame's presence. Though Scott implored Allison to stay out of his battle with the Alpha Pack because it was too dangerous, the recent renegade ignored his pleas and came to the rescue during the all-out battle between Derek's pack and Deucalion's Alphas. It's pretty clear the exes have reconnected on some level, so should they stop resisting their obvious chemistry and allow the spark to relight?

Allison, who hasn't confirmed her feelings out loud, thought she had Lydia fooled when she requested her pal join her on a secret mission to follow Scott's bus to his cross country meet, but the always-insightful Lydia knew there was more to it than just concern for Scott's well-being. Either way, it's a good thing Allison tapped into her inner stalker, because Scott, who was still suffering from a stubborn battle wound that wouldn't heal, would have been a goner were it not for her quick thinking and makeshift cross-stitch.

After her mother's death, Allison nearly hated Scott for even being associated with Derek, but, as she told her father tonight, the more family members she loses, the more friends she needs (and, perhaps, a boyfriend to boot). So tell us what you think! Should Allison and Scott just get back together?

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