'Most Dope' Rough Cuts: Mac Miller Asks Earl Sweatshirt To Join His Bike Gang [Video]

Squeezing countless hours of Mac Miller footage into only six "Most Dope Family" episodes was a daunting task for MTV2, and as you'd expect, a lot of great moments didn't make the final cut. But don't worry -- they're not going to waste! While you await the series' return, check in with Remote Control each week for never-before-seen video of the rapper and his pals.


Having a bestie can validate even the most confident of human beings, but while some people use friendship bracelets to solidify their BFF status, celebrities apparently use...bike gangs? In this week's "Most Dope" Rough Cut, Mac Miller calls up Earl Sweatshirt to invite him into his brand-new bicycle crew, only to be shot down because Earl's allegiance is already sworn to another.

"No, dude, I'm already part of a bike gang," Earl -- who's a part of Tyler, The Creator's group, "Odd Future" -- tells Mac. Not letting go that easily, however, Mac finds an alternative solution, and the guys decide their respective two-wheeler crews should become allies. Well that wasn't so hard -- if only the "Sons of Anarchy" could engage in such maturity! The difficult part will be figuring out how to call on Earl's gang for backup, if ever need be. Even after he says the name of it three times over the celly, Mac still can't understand him.

Put it in a text, Earl -- just remember to wait 'til your chopper's pulled over!

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