'Challenge' Rookie Jessica Thinks 'Rival' Anastasia 'Needs To Get Her S**t Together' [Video]

Anastasia (AA) & Jessica (JE)

Though "Real World"'s gruesome finale fight made Anastasia and Jessica realize their feuding was a joke compared to the likes of JordanNia, Johnny and Averey, it seems their solidarity wasn't sustainable in their post-Oregon lives. The "Rivals II" partners say in the pre-"Challenge" interview below that, with the exception of an occasional run-in at a promo shoot or event, they've essentially become strangers, and both are sure that the other will be at fault if they're knocked out of the game.

"I feel like Anastasia needs to get her s**t together or we're gonna lose," Jessica says, adding she's worried that Ana's lack of athleticism will come at high cost to them both. Bird, on the other hand, is concerned that her fellow competitors will be as irritated by Jessica as the "Portland" house was, and will want to oust her from the get-go. "I think her weakness is going to be the politic aspect of it, and having people wanting to get her off of here if she's getting annoying," she says.

Check out the video, and share your thoughts on Jestasia!

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Photo: Cedric Arnold