'Teen Wolf' Poll: Does Derek Have The Chops To Kill One Of His Own?


Not every werewolf can be as noble as Scott McCall, and while Derek has his fair share of redeeming qualities (like always being shirtless), he sure ain't the lycanthrope version of a Boy Scout. The brooding alpha dog can be rather unpredictable when it comes to good and evil (just look at his tumultuous relationship with his uncle, Peter Hale), so, when Deucalion, a.k.a. the "DEMON WOOOOOOLF," not-so-politely asked Derek to kill one of his own during last week's "Teen Wolf," we became worried Derek's wavering moral compass might not point him in the right direction.

Last season, after obtaining his glorified status as the new Alpha in town, the sexier Hale didn't mess around when it came to gathering his Betas. Though, as much as he loves power, Derek can also be fiercely loyal -- he did risk his own livelihood in order to keep his rage-fueled pack alive under a full moon. Given his history, could Duke's offer -- for Derek to join the crazy-clawed Alphas as a much stronger, Isaac- or Boyd-infused version of himself -- spell disaster for the rest of D-Hale's Betas (R.I.P. Erica!)?

+ Take our poll and comment with your theories! Then see how it all plays out on tonight's all-new episode of "Teen Wolf" at 10/9c.

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