That's What You Said...About Whether Gladys' 'Catfish'ing Was Warranted

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Can you be a "Catfish" and a do-gooder? We hadn't considered the idea until the Season 2 premiere, when a young woman named Gladys admitted to fake-dating her best friend with a bogus Facebook account, but only because she thought it would help Cassie reform her destructive ways. Generally speaking, deceit isn't an excusable offense, but Nev and Max's latest case of online love-mediation left us torn.

Since we, ourselves, couldn't decide if Gladys' actions were justified, we turned to you guys for some perspective. Was Gladys' last resort to save her friend warranted, or was there still another, less humiliating way to help Cassie?

+ Check out some fan insight into whether or not Gladys deserves a pass, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

"Gladys did it for a good reason, but at the same time, I would have dropped her as a friend. So messed up!" -- Aimee L.

"Gladys tried to save her best friend from a horrible life that was to come, but I do believe she approached it the wrong way." -- Cintia C.

"I wouldn't even be mad at her for long. She didn't do it to be malicious, and what she did really did change her friend's life for the good. So she definitely gets a pass in my book." -- Trice C.

"My answer is no, because it's never right to lie about who you are online or ever, period!" -- Mackeba G.

"She has good intentions, but to let it go on for three years?! That's a bit much and kinda weird." -- Shannon D.

"Oh, Gladys -- my mother used to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That was not cool." -- Margaret C.

"Having been a victim of an Internet liar, I know too well it's hurtful to be deceived like that! Sometimes, it's just better to let a friend crash and burn and find out the hard way how best to live their lives." -- Kate M.

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