Thank You, Tyler Posey, For Your Lovely Thank You Note


Holland Roden, Tyler Posey and "Teen Wolf" Executive Producer Jeff Davis show off their Saturn Award.

Tyler Posey sure knows all the right things to say. When "Teen Wolf" won the Saturn Award for Best Youth-Oriented Series on Television (for the second year in a row, NBD) on Wednesday, the cast and crew weren't required to do anything beyond shots of Jack Daniels, but TyPo -- bless his sweet lil' werewolf heart -- took to social media to express his sincerest gratitude.

"Thank you @MTV and the#saturnawards for giving me and the rest of the teen wolf cast and crew this incredible opportunity to be recognized for our hard work and dedication on this journey that has just been the best and most amazing job I have ever encountered. We all deserve this. Thank you!" he wrote on Instagram. And...cue the collective swoon from our entire network.

Truth be told, Ty, we think we're the ones who should be giving thanks. Please accept this post as a token of our appreciation for making brave, loyal, genuine Scott McCall come to life every Monday...and for keeping his pecs in such tip-top shape. Thank you also for sharing glimpses of your sometimes bizarro life on set, which once included a pic of you in a bathrobe, petting a donkey. But, most importantly, thank you for being a truly good guy. -- xo, RC


She's a beauty!

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Photos: Getty Images/@i_love_harveys