This Week's @RevRunWisdom: A Romantic Rev Run Spreads The Love

Let's keep it real, folks. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and a week without one bad day is pretty rare. But guess what? You made it to Friday in one piece, and Rev Run's social media musings are just the thing to get you into Zen mode for the weekend. Check out a few of our favorite recent @RevRunWisdom posts, then kick back, relax and be happy.


The heads of the Simmons brood.

Rev Run's Twitter advice typically sticks pretty close to themes of hope and happiness, but this week, Rev was alllll about the love -- probably because he and his wife, Justine, just celebrated their wedding anniversary! And cue the "Awww"s. The "Run's House" couple has been hitched for an impressive 19 years as of June 25, and Rev showed his affection by sharing his undying love for his lady all over social media.

In honor of their long-time romance, this week's advice roundup is for all the lovers out there. However, before we push the sap-o-meter to the limit, know that we threw in a few inspirational words for the lonely hearts club as well. You don't think the man who wrote "Manology" would leave anyone out, do you? Check out the wisdom (and a really sweet old-school wedding photo) below!


Rev Run and Justine on their wedding day, back in 1994.


Guys, are you taking notes?


Those who aren't in your life are not meant to be there.


Especially the idiots who don't treat you the way you deserve to be treated.


Remember: No one likes a grumpy date!

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Photos: @revwon

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