'You Look Like 'Flashdance'!' And Other Winning 'Show With Vinny' Quotes


Tonight's "Show with Vinny" was a marathon feast, and guest Iggy Azalea's mouth was so full as she raced to win the family's impromptu pizza-eating contest, she barely got a word in edgewise. With $120 bucks on the line, who could blame her? Still, there was plenty of ribbing and wisecracking to go around, and from Paola's pointed "Flashdance" reference to Tyler, The Creator's take on veal, there were enough potent quotables left over to fill a doggy bag. Take a look at some of our favorite quippy bits:

"You look like 'Flashdance'! You know 'Flashdance'?" -- Paola

Mariann's off-the-shoulder top had Paola reminiscing about the famous flick, but Vin's younger sister had no idea what she was talking about -- her fashion choice was merely a coincidence.

"You're the first girl to get on the knees in the kitchen." -- Vinny

Statuesque Iggy had to get low to prepare her Australian delicacy, Vegemite, at the table, and Vin had a particular way of thanking her for her efforts.

"I killed her! I killed Iggy." -- Vinny

After Vin told Iggy he first heard about her on World Star Hip Hop -- a website she hates -- she literally fell to the floor in anger.

"They'll never know! I'll put it in my bag." -- Paola

Since Tyler's pet allergies meant he couldn't eat at Vinny's house, the family decided to take Paola's homemade lasagna to him at a restaurant.

"I don't know anything that you just said." -- Tyler

After Paola ordered for the whole table (evidently, the lasagna wasn't enough), Tyler was left completely dumbfounded by her Italian lexicon.

"He had stuff to do! Maybe he had hobbies." -- Tyler

Tyler mourned the fact that his very first slice of veal came at the expense of a young calf who would never reach his full potential.

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