In This Week's Vinny Skinny: Bieber Banned From The Sky, Fat Joe Sentenced To The Slammer And More

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This week's Skinny spotlights Justin Bieber's latest stop on the train to Badboyville (ticket price: all his shirts). The pop singer continues to tarnish his once squeaky-clean image, now being banned for life from a skydiving facility in Las Vegas for not following through with a payment agreement. And speaking of unpaid bills, rapper Fat Joe owes Uncle Sam a million duckets plus change for tax evasion and is headed to the slammer in August to serve a four-month sentence. Maybe he can borrow some cash from Jay-Z, whose new sports agency is racking up some big-name clients. The kajillionairre entrepreneur never fails to make us regular folk feel like lazy sons of...

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Photos: Juan Garces/Splash News, JD Pht Bx & MCGM/VLUV