Snooki's Baby Boy Learns The Art Of The Photobomb [Photo]


If you notice the baby and not the fresh manicure, Lorenzo has done his job.

Little Lorenzo's still a few years away from pre-K, but there's no harm in getting a head start on his social education! In a world where smartphones and selfies are status quo, photobombing is a skill of paramount importance (just ask Kelly Clarkson!), and Snooki's little guy appears to be way ahead of the curve.

Recently, Nicole was ready to share a photo of her fresh manicure with her Instagram followers, when 'Enzo unexpectedly ambushed the snapshot. The result? Photographic magic.

"Thanks @nailsshow for the classic red nails. I got photo bombed," Snooki wrote with the pic above. There's definitely no deficit of Lorenzo pics on Snooki's social media sites, but this looks like the first time the tot has taken over as director. Don't let his innocent sucking-on-a-bottle shtick fool you: The whole thing was his ploy to play a prank on mom. We've got a future class clown on our hands!

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki

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