A 7-Year-Old Spat Still Has 'Rivals' Aneesa And Diem Wary Of Each Other [Video]

Diem (DB) & Aneesa (AF)

Does time heal all wounds? Don't ask Aneesa and Diem. The "Rivals II" partners are heading into the next "Challenge" in tandem all because of an argument from 2006's "The Duel." All those years ago, Aneesa swore she wouldn't vote Diem into an elimination round, but later went back on her word to protect her partner-in-crime, Svetlana, and Diem was sent packing. In the video below, which was filmed just after the competitors arrived in Thailand, the girls say they're more or less over their bad blood, but trust is still something they need to work on.

"After 'Duel I,' Diem didn't talk to me, didn't call me, didn't reach out to me," Aneesa says in the clip. "And then we went on 'Duel 2' together, and there was still some...lack of trust." And that won't be the girls' only trouble, according to Diem, who says she and Aneesa approach the game very differently, and getting to the end will mean having to successfully merge years' worth of divergent strategies. "We definitely work differently, and we definitely...have different sets of friends," she says.

Check out the clip, and place your bets on Dineesa!

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Photo: Cedric Arnold