Happy 'Catfish' Day! We Explain MTV's Mysterious Behavior Today [Video]


"Teen Wolf," meet "Catfish." Charmed, we're sure.

Former President Ronald Reagan's legacy is wrapped up in the enforcement of trickle-down and supply side economic policies, but let us not forget what is perhaps the man's greatest contribution to the United States: The proclamation of National "Catfish" Day. Yes, in 1987, the world's most powerful leader determined the most unsightly fish ever warranted one 24-hour-long observance each year. To eat? To breed? To keep as pets? It was the '80s, and the choice was yours!

You might have noticed that something kinda fishy was going on with MTV.com and its social media outlets today, and we can tell you that, yes, Ronald Reagan's beloved holiday is indeed why (although, the Season 2 "Catfish" premiere miiiight have something to do with it, too...). From Instagram photos to cryptic tweets, we wanted to make sure you were aware of all the possibilities the holiday offered, and judging by your comments (particularly those regarding the CRAZY-BUT-AMAZING video below), it was a welcome bit of weirdness.

Take a look at some of the day's heaviest-hitting guerrilla media below, and be sure to celebrate a very #HappyCatfishDay by tuning in to the Season 2 premiere, tonight at 10/9c, followed by a livestream with Nev, Max and Episode 1's Cassie at 11!


Nothing's more "Awkward" than dating marine life!


Even Nev and Max themselves can't believe it! #HappyCatfishDay!


Good ol' Liz Lee wishes you a Happy Catfish Day!


Snooki looks ready for a fillet on National Catfish Day.

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