Tyler Posey's Gnarly Skateboarding Injuries Would Make Great Werewolf Bait [Photos]


Tyler Posey skates along the California coast.

He may play the studly, lax bro-turned-Alpha Pack hunter Scott McCall on "Teen Wolf," but IRL, Tyler Posey is an aficionado of a far more laid-back sport than either hunting or lacrosse: skateboarding! The suburban boy at heart (his band is called Lost in Kostko, after all) has been a huge fan of the board since he was just a wee pup, and recently took to the streets to shred, but ended up shredding himself by accident. Ouch!

Hey, even pro-skaters like Rob Dyrdek take a spill once in a while, and TyPo's latest tumble left him with some painful-looking cuts and bruises that prove he's not nearly as invincible as his on-screen counterpart. "#goskateboardingday has served me well :)," he shared with the pic of his injuries, below, and the bloody display would be enough to make any werewolf salivate. Forget fending off attacks from the twins, we think Tyler might need to master fending off the sidewalk, first!


Where's that werewolf healing power when you need it?

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Photos courtesy of Tyler Posey's Twitter and Instagram