Caught On GIF! Gladys' 'Catfish' Confession And Cassie's Subsequent Meltdown


And the cat[fish] was out of the bag.

We're gonna go ahead and say that last night's episode of "Catfish" was the perfect amount of "WTF?" to wrap up National Catfish Day. To kick off Season 2, Nev and Max reeled in not one but two "Catfish," and poor Cassie -- who was convinced that her Internet fiancé, Steve, was the real deal -- was betrayed by her best friend, Gladys, and Gladys' cousin, Tony, who acted as her male accomplice.

When Cassie realized that the music "Steve" had been sharing belonged to Tony, she demanded to confront him at Gladys' house, where he had been living for some time. That's when Gladys knew the jig was up, and came clean about the fact that "Steve" was actually a Tony/Gladys combo (we can't stop imagining the two of them morphing into one, á la the "Teen Wolf" twins' werewolf) that the cousins created to help Cassie clean up her behavior. What followed was a series of events that loosely followed the stages of grief, and Cassie's meltdown -- from evil-eyed stare to screamed expletives in the car -- was one of the best in "Catfish" history. Let us look back on the fateful moment Cassie found out that Steve was nothing more than a figment of Gladys' imagination, in GIFs!


Even Medusa would run screaming from this death stare.


Ain't nobody got time for this!


Cassie was so overcome with emotion, she couldn't even carry her bag back to the car.


Our sentiments exactly.


The second head of the "Catfish" behind Steve looks noticeably uncomfortable when confronted by Cassie.

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