Which 'Girl Code' One-Liner Do You Want To Steal For Your Own Everyday Use?

The #icant hashtag has become a "Girl Code" staple that's taken the Twittersphere by storm.

The ladies of "Girl Code" have proven time and again that their wit is the best weapon against the frenemies, creeps and bad boyfriends of the world. And, honestly, we've learned a thing or two from the codemasters' sharp tongues. From Nicole Byer's brash honesty, to Jessimae Peluso's hilarious anecdotes, to Jamie Lee's solid advice, to Carly Aquilino's...well...everything, these four standouts have given us enough "Code" fodder to keep us quotin' like crazy while we eagerly await Season 2.

We may or may not have adopted a few "Girl Code" lines into our own vernacular. For example, there are a lot of things these days that we just #can't: Anne Hathaway's Oscar speech, people who use cellphones in movie theaters and, ugh, Crocs. But beyond the brilliant hashtag, there are plenty more notable quotables that we'd like to pretend we came up with among our own friends.

+ Check out some of our favorite lines from the girls, below, let us know which is your fave and, if it's not listed, leave your favorite "Girl Code" one-liner in the comments!

She has a point.

Jamie Lee

On awkward phases: "If you weren't ugly in middle school, I almost don't trust you."

On finally getting her period after a pregnancy scare: "Before the pregnancy scare, you hated your period, but now it's your best friend.... Now it's like 'Hey, Period! Missed you! How was your month? You look great.'"

On why online dating is so great: "I do everything online, so it's like "Oh, I'm already shopping for shoes.... Why not shop for a man?"

Nicole Byer's response to the dreaded friendzone.

Nicole Byer

On why she loves pregnancy tests: "The best part about a pregnancy test is that you get to pee on something other than just a toilet...or a person!"

On girls who don't wipe the seat: "Here's a tip: f**king be clean."

On the ever-present abundance of mean girls: "They are everywhere. They're like cockroaches."

Jessimae knows that farting is the perfect test to find out whether a guy really likes you.

Jessimae Peluso

On inadvertently starting a flaking-out domino effect among friends: "I canceled first! I called shotty on the cancel."

On why plastic surgery is never a good idea: "They're gonna up-sell you like a drunk mechanic!"

We're sure vegan food is only one of many things that'll make Carly want to punch you in the vagina.

Carly Aquilino

This one needs no explanation: "The strongest form of birth control has always been my personality."

On her trademark fire-engine red locks: "We change our hair when something traumatic happens to us, and obviously I've been through a lot of s**t."

Illustrating how and why pregnancy is a girl's greatest fear: "I'll swim in a shark tank as long as I'm not nervous that I'm pregnant."

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