Marlon Is Sure He And 'Rival' Jordan Are A Top-3 Team [Video]

Jordan (JW) & Marlon (MW)

Jordan's constant fighting with Nia on "Real World: Portland" damaged his relationship with Marlon so badly that even a short tenancy in a paradise like Thailand might not do enough to repair it. Still, though "Rivals II" won't necessarily fix the partners' personal issues, Marlon says in the video below -- which was filmed just after setting foot on the hallowed "Challenge" ground -- that they'll be damned if they don't make it to the finals before heading home.

"I think we're in the top three, top two," says Marlon, who believes the rookie duo is conditioned enough to make it to the end. Jordan agrees that he and Marlon are definitely fit for the competition, but that their constant head-butting might get the better of them. "My worst case us -- in the middle of a competition -- starting to bicker or argue about something," he says, later adding that he hopes the two of them can stave off any potential fighting long enough to keep "dollar signs in front and take it to the top."

Check out the clip, and sound off on the pre-season potential of Jorlon.

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