Brace Yourself, 'Teen Wolf' Fans: Holland Roden Says Stydia Might Have Their Day In The Sun [Video]


As far as we know, the possibility of Sterek remains a distant dream for "Teen Wolf" shippers, but according to Holland Roden, another fan-fave pairing still has a fighting chance. During the very special slumber party-themed "FANtastic Show" below, Holls tells hosts Tyler Oakley and Shantal Rhodes that Stiles and Lydia have a "really big episode" coming up, and that "the fans are really gonna like it." Unfortunately, that's all the Stydia dirt she's letting slip for now, but in the event the odd couple doesn't stick -- Holland thinks Lydia will bounce back with a guy more her type.

"She's either gonna end up with a werewolf or an Italian guy, because they both have hair," she says, adding that dating a man-beast hybrid has its advantages: "You get a cute guy and a dog!" And though Lydia has been having some epic, supernatural blackouts lately, Holland says she's not as in tune with the metaphysical as her onscreen counterpart, but is a believer in luck...particularly her lack thereof. "Samuel L. Jackson in 'Unbreakable'? Times that by a thousand," she jokes.

Check out the full "FANtastic Show" for more from Holland, including her uncanny ability to differentiate between the Tylers' (Posey, Hoechlin and Oakley) tweeting style!

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