Watch's Steve-O's Infamous Torturous Testicular 'Wild 'N Out' Stunt [Video]


If seeing photographic evidence of Steve-O's ball-busting attempt for points on "Wild 'N Out" wasn't painful enough for you, MTV2 went ahead and unearthed the video for your viewing pleasure, y'know, just in case you wanted to relive the anguish in real time. In the "Wild 'N Out Wildest Momentsclip below, "WNO" cast members old and new recount the horror they felt as they watched the "Jackass" star attach jumper cables to his testicles during the game "Got Props," and commend him for his commitment to the game.

"Steve-O is out of his damn mind," Nick Cannon says. "I like to wild out, but I will never wild out with my genitalia." A wise choice. And while Nick knows to handle his family jewels with care, Charlamagne Tha God admits that when he saw Steve-O do his thing on stage, he mistook the move for a sex-ed class. "I was like, 'Do I have to put jumper cables on my balls in order to get my penis started?'" he says. If only "Guy Code" existed back then, C Tha God would have known that jumper cables have absolutely zilch to do with erections.

Check out the clip, if you dare, and don't miss "Wild 'N Out Wildest Moments," tonight at 11p/10c on MTV2!

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