Aiden And Ethan Are 'Teen Wolf' Troublemakers! But What Do They Want With Scott's Friends?


As soon as "Teen Wolf" twins Aiden and Ethan made mockeries of their skeletal systems by morphing into a single, colossal beast, we knew they were trouble. But we're four episodes into Season 3 and it's still not even remotely clear what they want. Tonight, we watched the brothers mercilessly torment Scott, Isaac and Allison, and for a moment, Stiles was positive they were behind the town's mysterious murders. But after the twins appeared legitimately surprised upon stumbling across yet another dead body in the woods, we had to count them out -- as far as sacrificial killings go, anyway.

Before the premiere, show creator Jeff Davis told audiences that Ethan and Aiden had their sights set on Scott's crowd. But, between locking Isaac in a closet and buddying up to Lydia to get under Scott's skin, we're still scratching our heads wondering what it's all for. Moreover, is their troublemaking of their own volition, or is Deucalion behind it all? Either way, it's ominous, and nobody wants to be the target of two guys willing to beat each other bloody just to land you in detention.

Theorists, here's your chance: Tell us what the twins want with Beacon Hills, and whether they pose a real threat to Scott's group!

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