'Saved By The Bell' Stars Elizabeth Berkley And Mario Lopez Reunite On The Radio


Old pals Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley embrace. #friendsforever

Hot-and-cold TV couple Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater had their fair share of ups and down due to Slater's "pig"-like antics on "Saved by the Bell"; however, off-camera, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez have always been more friends than foes. And when Elizabeth visited Mario's nationally syndicated radio show, "On With Mario," on Friday, there was nothin' but love between the two, from start to finish. So much love, in fact, that Mario invited his old pal to come back soon and lead her own segment!

The idea to create an ongoing "Ask Elizabeth" Q&A was born right on-air while the pair were reminiscing about the days of "SBTB," and both sounded extremely excited about the prospect of Elizabeth returning to answer listener questions. Apparently, Mario knew a job like this was in her future from the get go -- all she needed was a forum. "She was always great to turn to for advice," Lopez says about his longtime friend in the clip below from his radio show. While the deets are still being worked out -- they only came up with the idea last week, after all -- we can't wait to call up Jessie Spano and ask for tips on life, love and taming naturally curly hair!

+ Check out the video, and let us know if you'll be tuning in to "Ask Elizabeth."

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Photo: @MarioLopezExtra