Leroy Compares His 'Rivals II' Partnership With Ty To The World's Worst Babysitting Gig [Video]

Leroy (LG) & Ty (TR)

During the first season of "Rivals," Ty -- who's no stranger to a screaming match -- provoked Adam so much that the "Las Vegas" alum threw a punch and was promptly sent home, leaving Leroy without a teammate (hey, everyone's got their own strategies!). After Ty sabotaged that partnership, Leroy vowed to keep his distance from the hot-head, but now, he's got no choice but to work alongside the guy -- who also sent him home during "Battle of the Exes."

In the pre-"Challenge" interview below, Leroy says getting stuck with Ty on "Rivals II" is as irritating as having to deal with an unruly child. "I feel like I have to babysit Ty," Leroy says. "He's known to make girls cry...to get people to want to fight." He adds that Ty's apparent need to get under people's skin could be their undoing, but Ty insists he's trying to keep himself in check, and that as long as he does, his team is golden. "Leroy is one of those people that everyone likes, and it's probably best for me to keep my mouth shut...and see if Leroy can save us with the political game," he says.

+ What do you think of Tyroy's chances? Check out the video, and place your bets!

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Photo: Cedric Arnold