5 Reasons Vinny Guadagnino's Mom, Paola, Should Take Paula Deen's Place On The Food Network


Paola gives A$AP Rocky a veggie-friendly doggy bag.

Last week, Queen Of All Things Drenched In Butter Paula Deen found herself in some hot water after admitting to using some not-so-savory racial slurs in the past. The celebrity chef posted a series of apology videos online, but the mea culpa came too late, and she was ultimately dropped by the Food Network over the controversy, leaving a vacancy the size of Georgia in their programming schedule.

Our own Vinny Guadagnino's been known to keep tabs on the news, and the minute he heard of Paula Deen's exit, he took to social media to lobby that his ma, Paola, transition from her duties on "The Show with Vinny" to having her own show on the Food Network. "Hey @foodnetwork, now that you're letting one Paula go, I have the perfect Paola to fill her spot...RT," he posted to Twitter on Friday, asking fans to retweet the brillz idea. While we'd miss Paola dearly on MTV, we think the breakout star could easily hold her own among culinary greats like Bobby Flay. Here are five reasons why she deserves Deen's gig.

She's only one letter off from having the same name.

The name "Paula" has become synonymous with the Food Network, so it'd be a travesty to not have at least one Paola (no matter how you spell it) dispensing cooking knowledge within an envy-inducing kitchen. And while we doubt Paola would ever abandon her Italian roots, there's enough Southern food to go around on the network already -- it's time to give Giada De Laurentiis some competition!

She's progressive.

Earlier this year, Paola, Nino and Vin posed for the NOH8 campaign, solidifying herself as an advocate for equal rights. That, coupled with the fact that she welcomes people from all walks of life into her home with open arms, makes us pretty confident that Paola wouldn't find herself in the same sticky situation Deen did. She loves everyone, and treats them all like family.


Kat Graham helps Paola prepare some homemade lasagna.

She's got celebs in her pocket.

Thanks to her supporting role on "The Show," Paola's made friends with everyone from Jenny McCarthy to Lil Wayne. That's a pretty broad spectrum of celebrities, and all who have tasted her food have left craving more. We're sure Paola could phone up any of the guests she's entertained in Staten Island to make an appearance on her own TV show -- not just to eat, but to work. Kat Graham was more than happy to slap on an apron and learn a few tricks of the trade, after all!

She's versatile!

When A$AP Rocky revealed he was a (gasp!) vegetarian, Paola amended her usual menu of meats to include a variety of herbivore-friendly foods. A chef's greatest skill is the ability to improvise, and Paola's got it down pat.

She's ready for her close-up.

As "The Show"'s resident chef, Paola's already comfortable in front of the cameras -- no training necessary! She's even got some actual step-by-step instructional videos under her belt, like the time she made an appearance on MTV Geek's "Cooking with Thrones," preparing a dish straight from the "Game of Thrones" recipe book. She certainly used Deen-approved levels of butter!

+ Check out the "Cooking with Thrones" episode, and tell us if you think Paola would make a good replacement for Paula!

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