Chad Of 'World Of Jenks' Joins His Hero, Pauly D, On The DJ Stage [Video]


You'd have to drag Chad of "World Of Jenks" kicking and screaming to most pop stars' concerts (don't even mention Justin Bieber...), but he's always had a special place in his heart for "Jersey Shore"'s proudest house music ambassador, and this weekend, his status as DJ Pauly D's  No. 1 fan was cemented. During Pauly's set at Harrah's in Atlantic City, Chad got the chance to join the fist-pumper on stage, and judging by his stunned look, it was more than he could have ever hoped for.

"One more sleep and Chad meets his hero Pauly D," Chad's mom tweeted before the concert, echoing an excitement tantamount to that of kids waiting for Santa. Thankfully, one fan in the crowd got the whole meeting on video, and glow stick-wielding Chad's smile is about as wide as it was when he finally got a job at the pizza place he loves. "Wish @AndrewJenks was still filming so we could see!" one "Jenks" viewer tweeted after hearing about the chance encounter. Sir, your wish is our command -- check out the video!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer